"Pro life" has become mythical to me because I am confused by what it really means. Practically every night on the news, it seems, you hear about all the states making laws banning abortion and calling it "pro life."

Every night in our country, more than 6 million children go to bed hungry, according to Department of Agriculture statistics. What kind of life do you suppose those children are having? If you are "pro life," what are you going to do to alleviate the problem?

Every year schools have to provide some students with free breakfast. What kind of a student do you think they become? What kind of future do you suppose they have in store for them? If you are pro life, what are you going to do to eliminate poverty?

Last year, more than 17,000 murders were committed, according to the Department of Justice and FBI. What kind of life do you think the victims' families are living today? How many more orphans, widows, widowers, parents, or grandparents do we have join in their grief? How would you say their lives have been changed forever? How many more school shootings do we have to witness?

What have "pro-life" advocates done to work toward solving these problems? What have they done to help anyone who may suffer from a mental disability?

The second-leading cause of death among teens is suicide, reports the Parent Resource Program of Hendersonville, Tenn. When is the last time you have mentored or tutored a young person who needs to know that someone cares about him or her? What can you do to help?

There is much so more to life than being anti-abortion. That's why I'm getting tired of hearing about people called "pro life" when really all they are is anti-abortion.

Sulo E. Kangas, Jr.