Back in the 1970s, we heard the fear of global cooling. Time magazine featured a story, "How to Survive the coming Ice Age." Then Vice President Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," came out, indicating global warming. Now, since another ice age did not come about, nor did the polar ice caps melt on a predicted timeline, the new scare is climate change. And with this scare has come U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and predictions that the world pretty much will just plain end if we don't take action in 12 years.

How about health care? Democrats continue to scare people that the Republicans are going to eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions. The Republicans don't say this. The Democrats do. The Democrats aren't saying anything about how wonderful Obamacare is because we all know it was passed as a big lie. Was everyone able to keep their plan? Their doctor? Did premiums go down, on average, $2,400, as was promised? None of that happened, so let's scare people and say things about Republicans because they have no way of defending what we all know actually happened to our plans and our premiums.

How about Social Security? The Democrats scare the elderly on a regular basis about how the Republicans are going to take away Social Security. Hmm, let's see, has anyone ever said food stamps or welfare were going away because the funds people pay in are going under? Oh, wait, that's because no one pays into those programs. But we are supposed to believe a program we actually pay into will be eliminated by those mean old Republicans.

Let me ask this of Democrats: Do you ever get sick of scaring people and then pretending you are doing it for their own good?

Jeannine Nordin