A March 4 letter (Reader's View: "How can abortionists live without a heart?") accused Democrats of yet another horrific act, but the accusation was in response to partisan politics.

When criticizing after-birth abortions, we need to remember why abortions became legal in the first place. It was because large numbers of desperate women were being forced to seek the services of quacks and butchers instead of real doctors - indicating the same thing could happen if abortion becomes illegal again.

After-birth abortions are legally allowed in New York at the request of a child's mother or her family. But first the family has to be made aware that, due to extreme deformities or other conditions, the child's survival is virtually impossible. An abortion can be chosen then instead of watching the child die painfully and perhaps right before the family's eyes.

Unless doctors are able to abort children, even at the ends of pregnancies, mothers and their families might not have the authority to abort at their own discretion. Instead, the government could make the decision.

Such abortions are really meant as a guarantee against possibly tragic outcomes. In reality, very few, if any, have ever been documented.

This issue is being misrepresented by Republicans as yet another monstrous crime committed by supposedly evil Democrats.

Such misunderstanding is due to highly edited and bogus videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress which, along with other deceptions, reportedly used stock footage of an aborted fetus that wasn't even taken in a Planned Parenthood clinic, as was claimed.

Don't take my word for it. I'm sure many News Tribune readers already have judged me as some sort of enemy. Perhaps FactCheck.org and other fact checkers might convince them.

Peter W. Johnson