I write to address the many frustrations nailed to the door of the Catholic Church in the Jan. 15 "Local View" column, "Downfall of Catholic structure may be what's needed."

I agree conversations about reform are important, but the current leadership of the Duluth diocese and Bishop Paul Sirba deserve wholehearted support. On the specific issue of protecting youth, the bishop wisely has navigated a careful balance between respect for past victims and a just process for accused priests.

As a youth today, I feel completely safe and welcome due to well-executed diocesan safe-environment policies.

I urge the writer of the column, a member of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Proctor, to look beyond her parish and to witness our bishop's leadership across our diocese before rashly suggesting he abdicate his duties. Under Sirba's governance, our diocese of 74 parishes spread across an area of nearly 22,000 square miles continues to feed and clothe households while safely educating 1,315 students.

Our 2,000-year-old church is run by human sinners but is divine in purpose. I am confident I speak for many when I say Bishop Paul Sirba is a true servant of God and a wise shepherd to Northeastern Minnesota.

Andrew C. Jarocki