Besides the issues of abortion, separation of church and state, union membership, and racial profiling, there is a fundamental problem with the candidacy of Brett Kavanaugh for our U.S. Supreme Court. That is the balance of power among our three equal branches of government.

President Donald Trump, it seems, would like an imperial presidency. The last time we saw that was with President Richard Nixon, and it included the trampling of the rights of journalists and of Nixon's opponents and attempts to ignore the federal legislature. Thankfully, the Supreme Court intervened to preserve our democracy, in U.S. vs. Nixon.

Trump seems to think he is above our laws, even though our Founders believed the president to be a citizen first and a president second. Trump would reverse that, I believe, and has selected a person who is most likely to agree with his views based on the published articles and scholarly work.

Kavanaugh has stated that a sitting president cannot be indicted and has argued for exempting the sitting president from civil suits as well as immunizing him or her from criminal investigation and prosecution.

It is time for the legislative branch of our government (and particularly those who are Republicans) to develop its independence from Trump in order to do what is best for our democracy. Kavanaugh may be a nice guy, a good Catholic, a great father, involved in mentoring, and an enthusiastic coach, but he is also a judge who has rendered baffling dissents on matters important to our country. He also supports the imperial presidency.

As Sen. John McCain might have said, we can do better.

Jane Hovland