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Reader's view: Enbridge shows it can be trusted

Who is this Enbridge which wants to replace an old pipeline that traverses across northern Minnesota?

Well, Enbridge is the Duluth Heights community club's hockey program donating $250 to support a father teaching his daughter and neighboring kids.

Enbridge is Habitat for Humanity by allowing employees to take time from work to build a house for a family in Superior.

Enbridge is the Duluth Rose Garden when it permits its employees to help beautify the gardens that so many people come to enjoy.

Enbridge is the Boys and Girls Club in fundraising $10,000 to help out the young people of Duluth.

Who is Enbridge? Enbridge is a strong supporter of our community and the people who live in it. How do I know this? I am the coach, the builder, the gardener, and the philanthropist — and Enbridge has empowered me to be so.

In doing right within our community, Enbridge can be trusted to do right for Minnesota.

Replace Line 3.

Paul MacMillan