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Reader's view: Winter weather, solar power don't mix

Minnesota Power and the city of Duluth have joined the alternative-energy bandwagon with recent solar arrays. Specifically, there is the community solar garden on Arrowhead Road operated by Minnesota Power and the solar array over the parking lot at Endion Station in Canal Park operated by the city.

There is only one minor problem. In winter, both can be covered with snow and cannot then produce any electricity. Inasmuch as there is usually snow cover in Duluth for at least four months of the year, solar power in these parts seems like it would be a bust.

Also, of course, throughout winter months here, skies tend to be overcast as well, which also is not very good for generating solar power.

It might be cool and politically correct to have free, green electricity. The only problem is that it does not work well for more than a third of the year in Duluth.

Timothy Ollila