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Reader's View: How can Trump be so out of touch?

Some days are tougher than others.

The following were from news stories I read the morning of Dec. 17.

A nominee for a federal (lifetime) judgeship had "been involved" in fewer than five depositions, had never tried or argued a case in court to verdict, had no background in litigation, and could not define (at the very least) four common-law concepts. Thanks to the Republican senator for revealing this ineptitude and for recognizing that this basic inexperience meant this individual's nomination should be withdrawn.

Those at the Centers for Disease Control were ordered to avoid the use of terms basic to their line of work, like "evidence-based," "science-based," "fetus," and "vulnerable." (The CDC later disputed the initial report.) That's like banning phone companies from mentioning "communication" or prohibiting teachers from saying "critical thinking" or "learn. This governmental censorship extends to other federal agencies — the EPA won't tolerate "climate change," for example — and is the antithesis of democratic governments.

The Republican tax bill would raise taxes on the poorest among us, sunset any meager tax breaks for the middle class, and make permanent the huge tax breaks for the wealthiest. It promises to raise the national debt by trillions and to promote even greater disparities between the top 1 percent and the other 99 percent. It also could lead to cutting access to health care for those who need the Affordable Care Act or who rely on Medicare and Medicaid.

How did the current national administration become so out of touch with we the people?

Eileen Zeitz Hudelson