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UPDATE: Man killed in Gary-New Duluth shooting

Reader's view: Duluth needs industry, businesses to stay

It seems it has been years since we have had real, positive business growth in Duluth.

In 2015, Epicurean announced it would move to a larger manufacturing facility in Superior, noting it was a better business opportunity. That seems to be a reoccurring story. With so many regulations and taxes and a lengthy permitting process, Duluth doesn't have a business-friendly atmosphere.

I have shared my views before, redundantly maybe, but it seems to me and others that taxing and spending here is out of control. We need industry to expand our tax base and lower taxes, therefore hiring employees. This would return more tax dollars to the coffers.

I am not an economist or businessman — and I am not the only one who sees where this is headed.

I live in a 103-year-old house with no garage. There is one bathroom. We had improvements done in 2000. That was 17 years ago. But the assessed "value" of my house goes up every year — and the property taxes accordingly. This seems very unfair, and I know I'm not alone.

For years, the Greater Downtown Council has been promoting the downtown area. For the next three years, Superior Street will be torn up in sections, dissuading people from going downtown. Hopefully, the Greater Downtown Council will expand to larger horizons and will reach out for more businesses to locate here — and maybe even stay here.

Jim Mattson