Reader's View: No more powerful men who are predators


On Dec. 5, the News Tribune made the decision to publish the letter, "Time to move on from sexual harassment."

Initially, I was angered. Of course I was angered.

But then I thought that maybe I was reading too far into this, so I shared the letter on social media and asked for friends' opinions. Within 10 minutes, I had 12 comments and a great discussion going on about how truly problematic the idea is to just "move on," as the letter urged.

The letter's use of the term "witch hunt" brought the most anger. Historically, witch hunts were used as a way to silence problematic women — and isn't that precisely what this letter was trying to do? Wasn't it trying to say, "All right, ladies, I get it. You were assaulted. But the world needs powerful men to read us our news, sing us songs, run our government, and continue the world as we know it?"

I say no way. The world does not need powerful men to do anything if those powerful men are predators. Enough most certainly is not enough, as the letter stated. Men who victimize and dehumanize others will not be allowed the privilege of anonymity anymore. And if that scares anyone, good.

Jessica McCarthy