This letter acknowledges, with great appreciation, our neighbor and peer David Ross, president of the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce for his Dec. 31 Opinion piece in the News Tribune (Local View: "Sharing responsibility for council's misguided actions") and for his Jan. 6 Opinion piece in the Duluth Budgeteer ("City Council disrupting our Twin Ports").

Ross recognized the value and importance of the economic ties between northern Minnesota communities and the Twin Ports, all of which are undeniably woven together by our transportation systems, workforce, vendor communities, economies, and the health of our regional industries of mining and safe energy transportation. Ross clearly and decisively depicted the interconnected core of our region.

From the forest industries of Bemidji and mining industry of the Iron Range to the beautiful port cities of Duluth and Superior, it's evident the synergy of the mining, transportation, and energy industries impacts the livelihoods of individuals and businesses throughout greater Minnesota.

We share Ross's pride in our region and our region's ability to serve as a center of excellence for these critical industries. We appreciate the tremendous investments being made by Enbridge and PolyMet, along with our other mining and energy companies, to maintain our standards of excellence, to protect the environment, and to advance our economy.

We appreciate Ross for being a champion of our region and for standing strong for our future. We stand with him. Together.

Jaimie Niska


The writer is president of the Laurentian Chamber of Commerce.

Lory Fedo


The writer is president of the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce.

Bud Stone

Grand Rapids

The writer is president of the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce.

Lori Paris


The writer is president of the Bemidji Area Chamber of Commerce.

David Minor


The writer is president of the Superior Douglas County Chamber of Commerce.