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Candidate's view: Resist big money, fixed two-party system

As a lifelong resident of Itasca County, raised in a mining family on a rural farm, I’ve seen greater Minnesota change dramatically. A region that thrived on local economies with global industries aiding in growth and a place where family-owned businesses and small farms gave as much as they received has become a barren wasteland for corporate greed and profits at everyone’s expense. The prosperity that everyone shared is gone.

Dennis Barsness

As a candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 5B, I offer many qualities my opponents can’t. I believe we need to elect God-fearing officials who will walk upright and pray for his guidance. Jesus is Lord.

I refuse corporate and political action committee contributions, allowing me to work for the welfare and benefit of Minnesota and its citizens, putting people over profits.

I am not a member of the status quo and will boldly say that big money in politics and a fixed two-party system are choking the life out of many. Enough is enough.

My focus is on what I can do for Minnesota today with a positive effect on the future.

Greater Minnesota is in need of a sustainability-based local focus and not global focus, and I am willing to push for environmentally sound industries with a future focus of sustainability, such as industrial hemp, which has an unlimited number of possibilities.

Trout Lake, Minn., is my home. I was born here and still live on the same property where I grew up. I am firmly rooted in the community and, being from the people, I am for the people. It is my goal to achieve a greater, safer, less-fearful, self-sustaining, future-focused Minnesota that can stand on its own in the tough times ahead.

I am the best candidate for the job. On Nov. 8, vote for me, Dennis Barsness — a born-again pastor, father, patient-care assistant and entrepreneur — for representative of Minnesota House District 5B.

Dennis Barsness of Bovey is the Green Party candidate for Minnesota House District 5B. He wrote this at the request of the News Tribune.