Emily Larson may be a shoo-in for election as the next mayor of Duluth, considering her DFL backing and with TV ads showing former Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner-Solon, Mayor Don Ness and state Sen. Roger Reinert all endorsing her.

But remember this: In the News Tribune’s “Our View” editorial, “Library: Let’s do it right this time,” which was published March 8, after so-called experts released a scheme to demolish our public library and replace it for $35 million, Larson proposed the replacement be “the community’s living room.” She claimed, “I know that the thirst is there for that.”

Whose wishes have been ignored? The answer is the 85,000 regular users of our library who read a million library books a year and haven’t been concerned with our library’s indoor temperature or air quality. Nor have they wanted space there to just hang out with friends.

Favoring an unnecessary, inappropriate and unaffordable diversion from Duluth literacy disqualifies Larson to be mayor.

Arthur Arnold