The Duluth School Board agreed to follow Robert’s Rules of Order. Unfortunately, Chairwoman Judy Seliga Punyko and member Mike Miernicki don’t seem to.

A point of order should not lead to a 15-minute argument led by the chair.

Seliga Punyko seems content to prevent a discussion on the causes of declining enrollment.

School district critic Loren Martell wrote in March that, “Member Loeffler-Kemp simply gave the audience an upbeat lecture about how a board member’s role was ‘talking about all the great things that are going on in our schools.’ ”

I agree a board member should be an ambassador of the district but not turn a blind eye to the fiscal health of the district. An egregious example of turning a blind eye is the $84 million of “soft costs” for the Red Plan. Board members who’ve raised questions are the same board members who’ve been shouted down at meetings, interrupted and had their microphones turned off, the justification being that such questions have been asked and answered.

That’s only half correct. Questions have not been answered. Many of the savings promised by Johnson Controls have not come to fruition. Is there no accountability for projections?

It’s time for all School Board members to have the integrity to ask such questions. It seems a judicious time to stop harassing a board member for raising these questions.

Enrollment is declining in some schools, and despite new buildings, some classes remain too crowded and teachers too scarce. There’s east-west disparity in educational offerings and achievement.

What caused this mess? Being cheerleaders solves no problems. Please, for the children’s sake, the board can start working as professionals. They can open the books to the public and figure out how to fix what’s wrong. They can use all the help they can get.

Kurt Kuehn