U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack won Minnesota's 8th Congressional District seat over former U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar for a number of reasons. But one big reason was that Oberstar was inaccessible.

Cravaack was different. He promised to be open, active and accessible to all in the district.

And on that front, he has delivered -- and then some. The facts speak for themselves. Cravaack has held hundreds of mobile offices and dozens of town-hall meetings in all parts of the district, not to mention all his visits to community events. Despite what some have claimed, Cravaack certainly has not shied away from us. In fact, he's been spending far more time back home in Minnesota than Oberstar ever did. Plus, he spends that time listening to us and staying in touch.

When it comes to being accessible, I know Cravaack hears me and my concerns, and I know this because each time I've contacted him I've gotten a response. Cravaack knows he serves us, and he takes that duty very seriously.

Like I said, Chip Cravaack won in 2010 because he promised to be open, active and accessible. Now he's going to win again because he made good on that promise.

John Eloranta