Joseph Francis Hegberg-Lindemann


Joseph Francis Hegberg-Lindemann was born in Duluth, MN on November 19th of 1994.

He passed away unexpectedly on February 27th of 2023 at the age of 28. He left behind  many friends and family who grieve the loss of a kind and loving person who had been  struggling with so many “demons.” Joey was a searcher throughout his whole life,  constantly seeking for his purpose in life and a sense of belonging. He was very active  during his school years participating in baseball, basketball, and band. In his free time  Joey enjoyed skateboarding, snowboarding and swimming in Lake Superior with his  friends and his dog Roper. He followed his passions with his friends to be creative  through the art of photography making movies of skateboarding and snowboarding,  sketching and drawing all of which led to starting a business which will be continued by  his friends to express not only Joey but their own uniqueness through their own art.

Joey read and studied Buddhism in order to help him cope with the many problems he  faced in his life. He mentored others with addictions and lead Dharma AA groups in  order to help them seek clarity and truth in their lives. Joey wanted people to know that  he wasn’t cliché; he wasn’t like anyone else. He had his own style, such a distinct laugh  and would make anyone feel included. It didn’t matter to him who you were, you could  be friends with him. He loved everyone so uniquely and unconditionally.

 A service will  held on March 25th to honor the love and life of Joseph at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church  with visitation beginning at 1:00 and the service beginning at 2:00. Coffee will be  served after the service to view photos and share memories of Joey so we may find  peace in each of our hearts. Rather than flowers or other memoriam, donations will be  accepted or can be sent to CHUM and the Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment  (CADT). There are many who struggle with “demons” in their lives, but there is hope to  make change in order to find a purpose for our lives so that we can care for one another  with unconditional love. Joey will be so dearly missed and all will continue to love him to  the stars and beyond.

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