Larry Monroe


Lawrence Albert Monroe Jr., 83, of Proctor, died Friday, May 22nd, 2020.

Larry was fun. He started life in Lakeside at London Road Court. He was a handful. Among other terrifying things he did, he wandered off at age three and fell through the ice on Lake Superior. The family moved to Proctor. He attended Proctor High where he excelled in academics and basketball. He played French horn in the Moody Band. After graduating, he joined the Navy where he served on the USS Hector. Returning to Duluth, he had several jobs until he became a court reporter in the late 60’s. He worked in the courts until his retirement. He was also a football and basketball referee, and a fastpitch umpire. He played fastpitch softball for decades. After retirement, he owned The Grandstand Bar.

Larry’s life was not defined by his jobs. He loved socializing with friends and family. He was a member of the Legion, the Proctor Moose and Owls Clubs. He was a great host. He loved summer, camping, swimming, sports, fishing at The Vermillion Club, cribbage, being at the cabin, cocktail hour, and hanging out around a campfire. He was the fun dad who organized giant games of flashlight tag for all the kids at the campground. He loved Christmas and had high standards for tinsel application. He had a running battle with whoever was putting the ice cube trays back mostly empty. He took great pride in his sourdough pancakes. He made excellent fried potatoes. He was a master of the blender drink and the Coleman stove. He was a witty guy with superb wisecracking skills. For a time, he looked like Gomez Addams. He wrote funny rhymes and had an annual party with rhyming clues that led guests from one bar to the next. He had some creative ideas. Unfortunately, his Pet Stick idea never really got off the ground. The Pet Rock was just too powerful of a contender, and already existed. He owned The Triad, an old cabin cruiser, with several friends. They were often on the boat, laughing and shooting the breeze. He loved Lake Superior, but he was not of a fan of the lake wind. After selling the bar, he and his beloved wife Norma spent 23 warm winters in Yuma, AZ.

We will miss his sparkly blue eyes and easy laugh. He literally fell out of his chair once at The Norshor Theater, laughing at Peter Sellers. He made us laugh.

He is preceded in death by Norma, and his parents Larry Sr. and Betty. He is survived by his sister Pat (Jim) Norton, his daughters Laurie (John) Scheffler, Chris Monroe (Dann Edholm), and Meg Monroe (Paul Petersen), stepchildren Jane Martin, Sherry Kays, Lori (Perry) Larson, and Eric (Laura) Dosser, three nephews, eleven grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. His good friend Art and many friends here and gone, all held special places in his heart.

There is no current plan for a memorial service, but please raise a glass to Larry. He will be missed.

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