Lance Eric Volkenant


Lance Eric Volkenant, born Jan. 30, 1972, lost his courageous battle with cancer on March 2, 2021. Lance said that when he would fall asleep in death that he will awake to a earthly paradise. (PS 37:11, ISA. 45:18). Lance enjoyed the privilege of the door-to-door Christian Ministry, informing others of God’s name (Romans 10:13, EX 6:2, PS 83:18) and sharing other life-saving Bible truths.

Lance had many hobbies and enjoyed fishing and hunting. In fact, one deer season he helped fill the family tags by bagging two eight point bucks.

Lance had a computer repair business and also did car body repair and painting.

Lance was preceded in death by his mother, Nelly Rose, and two brothers, Darin Scott and Troy Andrew. He is survived by his sisters Kristy Medil, Cindy Rae and husband Jeff, his brother Brent Anton and wife Christina, father Larry and step mother Kim and daughters Marsha and Jackie.

Lance had numerous nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts and cousins. (John 5: 28, 29)

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