Jo Lee Bamford [Julie Ann Matheson]


On 12 August 2021 Julie Ann Matheson [Jo Lee Bamford] died peacefully at home with Stephen Leslie Matheson [Esser] in North Ridge, California. Her beloved dog Daisy, Diamond Heart friends and her brother, Joel TM Bamford were present during her final days of hospice care.

Born 9 June 1939 in NYC, NY her parents were Fannie Lee Raup, RN and Thomas Edwin Bamford. MD Julie Ann attended Bronxville Public Highschool, Cornell University and Barnard College quite Masters in social work and library science.

She worked as a teacher, social worker and for most of her career as a children’s librarian for Los Angeles County, California. She traveled in Europe and South America and considered spiritual practices throughout her life, including meditation and channeling before being most fulfilled with Diamond Heart Approach : emphasizing psychology, somatic and Buddhist spirituality.

Her adventurous, bright and enlivened spirit brought joy into the world. Her third wedding brought her together into like-minded, compassionate and loving 42 year bond with Stephen. With New Age perspective they celebrated their life together with a new family name, Matheson. They pursued physical, mental and spiritual goals together.

Lewys Body dementia began 4 years ago in its insidious fashion only becoming recognizable to friends as a dementia after multiple falls beginning 4 months ago. Two weeks ago cognitive and motor failings made her request hospice. One week ago she had a incapacitating stroke and   oined home hospice services. These were a godsend to preventing pain an discomfort in her final week.

Stephen will celebrate her life on social media, no flowers or memorials are solicited.

Stephen’s contact information:

Steven Matheson

8944 Amestoy Avenue

Northridge, CA 91325

(818) 345-8435

Joel Bamford, brother

PO 3247

Duluth, MN


(218) 390 9025 

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