Douglas P. Roussy

January 21, 1946 - September 4, 2021 A Poetic Man - who Loved God, Country & Family

I went to visit a friend the other day

He and his family just begun to pray

Lord we give thanks for our many joys

The sunshine, the birds, our dear little girls & boys

The hope of what tomorrow may bring

Maybe a new way about Jesus to sing

And Lord if you give us a little rain

May we go to you with our sorrow and pain

And Lord may we have love, enough to spare

To give others, to do our share

And finally Lord before we go

Help us all to continue to grow

So that when we come to life’s blessed end

We say we traveled with a truly great friend

Douglas Roussy

A talent Doug discovered was the ability to write poetry, he has hundreds in his collection and many have been published in various local newspapers around the country.

Doug loved the outdoors and especially trout fishing, always having a joke to tell, a poem to recite, willing to help others, always had a smile on his face and very proud of his sons.

Doug passed away on September 4th in Wooster, MA.

Doug was born in Duluth to Phillip and Viola Roussy. Doug attended Lowell Elementary, Washington Jr. High and Central High School.

Doug is preceded in death by his parents and his step son Joedy Newton. Doug is survived by his brother Mark, Colorado Springs, CO., son Jason, Cloquet, MN., and step son Jeremy Newton, Oak Grove MN., and several grandchildren and cousins in the Duluth and Minneapolis area.