Dillie Droak


An Authentic, Capable, Down to Earth and fiercely Independent Southern woman with a genteel manner entered her Eternal Rest, in 2021.  She had a ready smile and conversed easily with all. She was a k ind, considerate, and  loyal friend. A creative soul, she gave freely of her time, talents and abilities.  She loved Life and Family, and Enjoyed People, and the Beauty of Creation.  She readily showed her appreciation to those who helped her, and she quietly looked for ways to bring kindness and to lift the burdens of others by making and donating quilts, knitted items, and artwork.  Later in life she  became a published Author.  You can hear her genteel manner in her writings. Recent songs She enjoyed were “Hillbillly Rock, Hillbilly Roll”, and “Angel Flight.”

She was dedicated to the God. Truth, Justice, and The American Way.