Spring is in the air and that means piping plover season will be here soon, when the little endangered birds make their trip north for summer.

The St. Louis River Alliance is hiring piping plover monitors to watch for the birds which, which they occasionally stop along Twin Ports beaches of Lake Superior, haven’t nested here in decades. Their closest nesting colony is on Long Island near Ashland.

It’s kind of like "Baywatch" for shorebirds. The main responsibilities for monitors are to walk the beaches and accurately record beach conditions and bird activity and maybe ask people to keep their dogs away from any nests.

The application deadline is April 14 and training begins April 26. The job pays $14 per hour and work will run from May 1 to June 15. Positions may be extended into August if any plovers actually nest in the Twin Ports.

For more information, go to stlouisriver.org.