Wisconsin deer hunters ended their nine-day firearms deer season Nov. 29 with good results, with the harvest up statewide and across the northern forested counties.

The statewide total for firearms deer registrations hit 188,712, up 15.8% from 2019 levels, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reported Tuesday. The total statewide buck harvest was up 12.2% while the antlerless harvest was up 19%.

Across the northern forested counties, the buck harvest hit 16,936, up 4.7% from 2019, while the antlerless harvest was up 15.9% at 12,260 deer registered.

Wisconsin hunters had generally good weather and favorable conditions this year compared to 2019, which saw two major snowstorms during the nine-day season.

In Douglas County, hunters registered 2,057 deer this season, up 16.7% from 2019. The total buck kill was up 11.8% from last year, while the antlerless harvest was up 16.7%

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In Ashland County, hunters registered 595 deer, down 5.7% from 2019.

In Bayfield County, hunters registered 2,311 deer, up 7.4% from 2019.

In Washburn County, hunters registered 2,528 deer, up 13% from 2019.

Since archery season opened Sept. 12, Wisconsin hunters have registered 305,171 deer statewide, showing the growing impact of earlier seasons, like archery, youth and crossbow, on cumulative harvest.

Through Nov. 29, sales for gun, bow, crossbow, sports and patron hunting licenses reached 820,299, up 3.5% from 2019. Of that total, 569,203 were for firearms licenses and permits.

Female hunters remain the largest-growing demographic in 2020, with the number of female hunters reaching 92,312, up 12% from last year.

The statewide muzzleloader deer season is underway through Dec. 9, with a four-day statewide antlerless-only season set for Dec. 10-13 for unfilled antlerless tags only.