The identities of the officers involved in a fatal incident in Hermantown Saturday have been released by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Two St. Louis County sheriff’s deputies, both placed on standard administrative leave, were involved:

  • Troy Fralich, a 12-year member of the force, struck the suspect with his squad car.
  • Jason Kuhnly, a 5-year member of the force, discharged his weapon.

The suspect, Timothy Russell Majchrzak, 37, of Hermantown, died of multiple gunshot wounds, according to the Midwest Medical Examiner.

Video of the exchange was captured on a squad car’s dashboard camera.

During the deadly encounter, Majchrzak pointed a gun at Kuhnly and the two exchanged fire, the BCA reported. Majchrzak was struck in the torso by gunfire but was wearing a bulletproof vest with a trauma plate and reportedly continued to fire on Kuhnly with a semi-automatic handgun later recovered from the scene.

At another point, Fralich struck Majchrzak with his squad car.

St. Louis County and Hermantown law enforcement personnel on the scene attempted to provide medical aid, but Majchrzak could not be revived.

Majchrzak died near Stebner Road and Village Drive. He had earlier led law enforcement on a high-speed chase, authorities said.

Two Hermantown police officers and a deputy joined in the pursuit of Majchrzak, who was riding a motorcycle that reached speeds in excess of 100 mph during the encounter. Officers called off the chase due to safety concerns as Majchrzak sped through Hermantown.

The pursuit resumed after two deputies spotted Majchrzak a short while later. The suspect attempted to flee on foot after his motorcycle got stuck.

Majchrzak was wanted at the time of his arrest on warrants for failing to appear in court to face charges that he had violated a domestic abuse order for protection. Arrest warrants for Majchrzak were issued in two separate cases in March. The suspect had a lengthy criminal record that included convictions for assault, robbery and repeated drug offenses.

A news release issued Sunday night said: “The BCA is investigating the incident at the request of the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office. When the investigation is complete, the BCA will present its finding without recommendation to the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office for review.”