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Team B includes (top left): Mark Paczynski, Dustin Oosten, Travis Jonns, Aaron Newberry, Mike LaValley, John Paulick, James Kmeick, Aaron Kussatz, Kyle Cotrell, Nick Benjamin. Bottom left: John Tobin, Erik Hanson, Paul Pedersen, Jeff Dwyer, Michael Lebsack, Dan Lilya. 1 / 2
Team A includes (top left): Trent Harris, Aaron Johnson, Brett Metzer, Brett Jelinek, Matt Caple, Justin Stokke, John Feely, Dan Krunkkala, James Furnas. Bottom left: Jim Rich, Pat Russ, Nate Miller, Jake Heytens, Garrett Aho. 2 / 2

Duluth Warriors is an ice hockey program for disabled veterans that helps individuals who have physical or mental disabilities that were incurred during their time in service. This program uses the game of hockey to build camaraderie and sense of community. The teams are made up of individuals of all abilities of the game of hockey. This year the teams traveled to Tampa Bay, Fla., for the National Disabled Hockey Festival on March 28-31. Both teams participated in the Warrior Division. The A team took second place, and the B team took first place in their divisions.