Duluth Property Transactions

March 28 through April 3

915 N. 40th Ave. E., Erin McKeever and Jeremy Matts purchased from Nickolas S. and Melissa Lukovsky for $186,000, residential, 2/19.

422 N. 43rd Ave. W., Kelly and Naomi L. Lind purchased from Jenessa T. Kutzler for $116,500, residential, 3/19.

720 N. 62nd Ave. W., Steve J. and Carol E. Grams purchased from Thomas Sample and Eileen O'Meara for $280,000, residential, 3/19.

518 Anderson Road, Paige K. Risdal purchased from Larry, Gregory and Kathleen Carlson for $143,000, residential, 3/19.

2249 Dunedin Ave., James W. and Cassandra R. Quinn purchased from the Thomas F. Jordan trust for $245,000, residential, 2/19.

405 Elk St., Devin C. and Ebony M. Nelson purchased from Donald J. Scharnott trust agreement for $170,000, residential, 2/19.

129 W. Faribault St., Katie C. and Austin M. Hughson purchased from Orville D. and Andrea J. Hansen for $229,900, residential, 3/19.

4531 W. First St., 4531W LLC purchased from Gull Investments LLC for $1,500,000, industrial (with building), 3/19.

2710 W. Fourth St., Brian Knutson purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $24,450, exempt from property tax, 3/19.

1943 Hartley Road, Suzanne E. and William Smith Jr., purchased from David A. and Nancy J. Rectenwald for $220,000, residential, 2/19.

9233 Meadow St., Jesse Smalley, et al., purchased from Michelle and David Timonen for $157,000, residential, 3/19.

631 Piedmont Ave., Hillside Views LLC purchased from Jad and Amber Carlson for $125,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/19.

631 Piedmont Ave., Jad Carlson purchased from Ruhnke Inc. for $115,253, commercial (with buildings), 3/19.

5113 Ramsey St., Nicholas A. and Jennie M. Esler purchased from Kevin and Debra Muellner for $155,000, residential, 3/19.

4711 W. Sixth St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Jay R. Vanroy and Mary Zakovich for $142,000, residential, 3/19.

3707 Trinity Road, Ashley and David Schwantke purchased from Thomas A. and Karen M. Schluter for $194,000, residential, 3/19.

8212 Vinland St., Alex Maciej purchased from Karen K. Olson-Schubitzke for $195,000, residential, 3/19.

124 E. Wabasha St., Alex Greene purchased from Janice J. Taklo for $149,900, residential, 2/19.

2920 Wicklow St., Leslie Williamson White purchased from Eric D. and Kristina F. Jacobson for $127,900, residential, 3/19.