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Photo gallery: 39th annual Northland Figure Skating Competition

Gwyneth Moe took second place in the ladies Excel intermediate. (Photo by Perkins Media)1 / 19
Madeline Manion won second place in juvenile well balanced girls IJS event. (Submitted photo)2 / 19
Elizabeth Dover won first place in intermediate ladies well balanced. (Photo by Perkins Media)3 / 19
Maya Morrissey won first place in intermediate spins challenge. (Submitted photo)4 / 19
Daisy Thralow won second place in the pre-preliminary Excel event. (Submitted photo)5 / 19
Aili Arnovich won first place in Excel senior ladies IJS. (Submitted photo)6 / 19
Isabella Bowman won first place in learn to skate free skate 1. (Photo by Perkins Media)7 / 19
DFSC's Fab 5 took first place in senior's team compulsory. Pictured are (l to r): Elizabeth Dover, Maya Morrissey, Madeline Brown, Kristopher Kautz and Gwyneth Moe. (Photo by Perkins Media)8 / 19
Lexi Kaspar took first place in basic skills 4 with music. (Submitted photo)9 / 19
Elizabeth Scudamore won second place in Excel beginner free skate. (Photo by Perkins Media)10 / 19
Mary Kay Grussendorf won second place in adult silver freestyle. (Perkins Media)11 / 19
Natalie Warren won first place in pre-juvenile spins. (Photo by Perkins Media)12 / 19
Duluth Toe Picks took second place in beginner/high beginner team compulsory. Pictured are (l to r): Elsie Ching, Margot Seyfer, Winter Sterling, Della Sterling and Elizabeth Scudamore. (Photo by Perkins Media)13 / 19
Gabriella Scudamore won second place in basic 4 program with music. (Photo by Perkins Media)14 / 19
Nevaeh Caroon took second place in Excel pre-juvenile plus and second place showcase in light entertainment - pre-juvenile. (Photo by Perkins Media)15 / 19
Brooke Lood took first place in juvenile free skate. (Submitted photo)16 / 19
Duluth Jr Stars took second place in preliminary/pre-juvenile team compulsory. Pictured are (l to r): Peytra Cooke, Nevaeh Caroon, Natalie Warren and Gretchen Schauer. (Photo by Perkins Media)17 / 19
Jessica Martinelli won first place in well balanced junior. (Submitted photo)18 / 19
Kristopher Kautz won the USFS Excel Intermediate Men's Gold Medal. (Submitted photo)19 / 19

The 39th Annual Northland Figure Skating Competition is the first official host of the new United States Figure Skating's Excel Series. Northland hosts over 450 National and International skaters and is one of the largest and oldest competitions in the US.