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Reader's View: Name-calling is weak, lazy

I found it unbelievable that the News Tribune would endorse Karin Housley for U.S. Senate when Housley compared first lady Michelle Obama to a chimpanzee, a racist comment (Our View/Endorsement: "Housley offers a bit of balance," Oct. 25). Housley also fat-shamed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, calling her a "porker in a royal blue pantsuit."

This is just the type of rhetoric America needs to get away from.

The attempted bombings of Democratic targets was a direct result of a president who has fired up his base by resorting to name-calling. When you lack the intellect to have a measured and well-thought-out response to a foe, you resort to name-calling. Name-calling is lazy and certainly not among the qualities wanted in a U.S. senator president.

The News Tribune should be ashamed of itself for supporting and endorsing someone who made a racist comment.

Scott Youngdahl