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Reader's View: Paper misses with Housley endorsement

As a state senator, Karin Housley made a big to-do about senior care. But there was no teeth in the bill, and she seemed to side with lobbyists for the nursing home industry when the toothless bill passed.

One would think Housley, with roots in Stillwater, Minn., would be in tune with the Department of Corrections' need for more staffing. Two corrections officers lost their lives. I believe that was because Housley and her Republican-controlled Legislature didn't fund corrections' requests.

What else has Housley done? Not much

As for political balance, when has that become a reason for endorsement (Our View/Endorsement: "Housley offers a bit of balance," Oct. 25)?

She also hasn't adequately answered why she wrote a racist comment about Michelle Obama. The response from her that I heard was more about why people don't go into politics. If you don't take responsibility for what you say, then you don't deserve to be in the Senate.

Terry Mikulich

Pine City, Minn.