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New details in 23-year-old missing woman investigation in Kittson County

Becky Jo Look

HALLOCK, Minn.—Deputies in Kittson County spent the week digging animal bones out of rock piles at a rural Minnesota farm in hopes of uncovering human remains.

But after 23 years, they still haven't found Becky Jo Look's body.

Sheriff Steve Porter said the search is far from over. After reopening the cold case this summer, he said deputies have interviewed nearly 60 people about the missing woman.

Look disappeared from Halma, Minn., in 1995 when she supposedly left the state to be near family in New Mexico. She was reported missing four months later after family said she'd never told them of her plans to move.

Porter said the case was handled poorly and received little to no media attention. Look's case was closed without ever really opening, he said.

Porter said he believes Look never left Kittson County.

In August, a woman told police that Christopher Nelson, her son, had come home drunk and told her he'd buried a woman's body on his father's farm. She was nervous but didn't know if he could be believed because he was so intoxicated. She never saw a missing person report on the news, but her son's confession was burned into her memory.

Nelson was stabbed to death over two decades ago.

Officials searched the farm southeast of Karlstad, Minn., in August but didn't find a body.

Porter reached out to the public again and posted a video from Look's two daughters asking anyone with information to come forward.

He said a man told them last week he saw headlights at Leroy Sieverson's farmstead around the time of Look's disappearance.

Sieverson is Nelson's stepfather.

The man said he was driving at night on the secluded road near Pelan, Minn., and saw the headlights on Sieverson's pickup shut off as he approached. The people in the vehicle hid.

Porter said deputies turned up six rock piles on the farm this week. He said animal bones were found and tested during both searches, and deputies will continue to search the property.

"If Chris told one person while he was drinking that he hid a body, he probably told three or four more," Porter said. "Somebody knows about it."

Anyone with information is urged to call the Sheriff's Office at (218) 843-3535.