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Reader's view: Duluth not what was seen at Trump rally

This is in response to the June 25 letter, "No vacationing in Minnesota now."

I would like to tell you that I and many, many of the people I call neighbors, colleagues, and friends had no interest at all in attending the rally in Duluth last month with President Donald Trump. I, for one, was actually thankful to be out of town during all the hoopla. It hurt my heart to see the pop-up stands selling promotional items with Trump's name on them.

The people I know of northern Minnesota are kind, compassionate individuals who are working hard against the narrative of hate. We believe this nation belongs to all people and that we must work to care for the greater good. We believe we must accept all for who they are, no matter their religious belief, sexual orientation, or immigration status,etc. We believe public education is the foundation for all people here in the United States. We are working on turning the tide back to a nation of respect and compassion for all our neighbors.

So many saw what was on the news about the rally. However, did they also see the number of peaceful protests filled with citizens who genuinely believe in love and unity? My Duluth is full of wonderful folks who do not believe the rhetoric of this current administration.

No one should make a judgment about coming here based on what they saw in the coverage of the rally. We encourage everyone to come and see for themselves. Minnesota welcomes with open arms.

Bernadette Burnham