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Property Transactions for Sept. 11, 2017

Duluth Property Transactions

Aug. 30 through Sept. 6

2434 W. 15th St., Trellis Properties Inc. purchased from Brett A. and Catharine A. Karow for $112,500, residential, 8/17.

323 N. 77th Ave. W., Tyler Conley purchased from Dorothy E. Harbour for $116,000, residential, 8/17.

985 87th Ave. W., Dove Enterprises LLC purchased from Corey W. and Nicole Pond for $85,000, residential, 8/17.

1122 Anderson Road, Kevin Fitzgerald and Rebecca Krug purchased from Scott D. Towle for $160,000, residential, 8/17.

425 N. Arlington Ave., Natalie C. Anderson purchased from Geoffrey N. Wallin for $185,000, residential, 8/17.

2901 Branch St., David P. and Krislyn J. Mattie purchased from Jennifer and Samuel Farnham Jr. for $314,900, residential, 9/17.

2239 Catskill St., Katja Kressmann purchased from Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association for $115,000, residential, 8/17.

3069 Chestnut St., Kyle Thom purchased from Justin and Samantha L. Sund for $117,500, residential, 8/17.

9404 Clyde Ave., Terri L. Fraser and Randy Abbett purchased from Havlik, Bolander, Haupert, et al., for $179,900, residential, 8/17.

4707 Crosley Ave., Kelly M. Weingart purchased from Sarah J. Wisdorf for $130,000, residential, 8/17.

4615 W. Eighth St., Kevin Stranko purchased from Richard E. and Shawna Thornton for $160,000, residential, 8/17.

2029 W. Fifth St., Karl R. Norman purchased from Fifth Third Mortgage Co. for $28,000, residential, 8/17.

12910 W. Fifth St., Kevin Farnum and Katherine Hueller purchased from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for $76,900, residential, 8/17.

2536 Greysolon Road, Gino and Rita Peluso purchased from Helen C. Miller and Ralph Garono for $235,000, residential, 8/17.

503 Howard Gnesen Road, Kraig Redman purchased from Nathan and Tessa Horyza for $295,000, residential, 8/17.

4402 Jay St., Lynn K. Kingsbury purchased from Rebecca S. Richards for $161,026, residential, 8/17.

2811 Jefferson St., Nicholas R. and Shenna M. Rogers purchased from Martha Eckroth for $135,000, residential, 8/17.

5829 London Road, Daniel C. Bittinat purchased from Kirk P. and Marianne Bernadino for $190,400, residential, 8/17.

701 Maple Grove Road, Patrick M. Campbell purchased from Mountain Prime 2016 LLC for $104,000, residential, 8/17.

2140 Miller Creek Drive, Howard F. and Barbara Gustafson purchased from Joseph A. and Cheryl M. Jaros for $189,000, residential, 8/17.

311 W. Morgan St., Allison M. and Cody J. Willis purchased from Andrew D. and Dana T. Waldbillig for $190,700, residential, 8/17.

208 W. Morgan St., Nathan Kleinke and Beth Peterson purchased from Dorothy E. Barker for $175,500, residential, 8/17.

4827 Peabody St., Cynthia S. and Matthew J. Willey purchased from Jason and Jennifer Gustafson for $175,000, residential, 8/17.

2120 Ponderosa Circle, Ryan R. and Charity L. Kaspari purchased from the Gerald Sabick trust for $444,000, residential, 8/17.

4127 Regent St., Erik W. and Inga M. Moberg purchased from Robert and Elise Rients for $149,900, residential, 8/17.

23 E. Sixth St., Mohamed Liban purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $48,700, residential, 6/17.

5419 Tioga St., Bradley Brothers Enterprises LLC purchased from Amy and Brandon Swartz for $154,250, residential, 8/17.

1209 Woodrich Circle, Jason and Jennifer Sowers purchased from Susan Stelman for $290,000, residential, 8/17.

Address unassigned, Alan Williamson and Brenda Halter purchased from Thomas L. Jackson for $150,000, residential, 8/17.

Residential bare land, Derek Medved purchased from St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department for $7,000, residential - bare land, 8/17.

Residential bare land, Jon C. and Kathryn Welles purchased from Alerus Financial fka Beacon Bank for $64,489, residential - bare land, 8/17.

Residential bare land, Max L. Verva purchased from Thomas and Cara McGrath for $7,000, residential - bare land, 8/17.