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Reader's View: If News Tribune won't support climate science, we must

After decades of discussing and rebutting one faux or previously explained issue after another, those of us who try to spread important facts about the seriousness of global warming still find that what we say is constantly lied about, used to misinform, or inadequately explained, including in letters to the editor in newspapers like the News Tribune, which doesn't allow more than 300 words for letters.

To add insult to injury, our simple insistence that the Opinion pages include real facts and accurate statements (which are well within newspapers' rights to edit for) routinely seem to be ignored while free passes are given to deniers (or "skeptics"), who apparently can spread any falsehoods they want in the name of special interests.

Esteemed scientists, along with the dozens of writers who try and rebut the constant lies and misinformation circulated by special-interest groups, have been portrayed as conspirators intent on destroying the free-enterprise system or on hoping to monopolize the economy of the future. This is utter garbage.

In a world where Congress is filled with cabinet-level cronies and fundamentalist Christians who seem to think it's a sin for human beings to actually try to prevent the destruction of our own environment, we still do not have a sufficient voice.

Therefore, we are the ones who must keep speaking. We can send letters not meant for publication to the News Tribune while simply and respectfully requesting its editors examine them whenever they get the chance.

So, let's try sending longer letters that sufficiently express what needs to be said — since, even If our letters are not published or even read, we have lost nothing. Such letters normally would not have been published anyway. In addition, someone actually will be exposed to the facts.

Peter W. Johnson