Iron Range counseling firm acquired by Accra home care

Eustice Counseling, LLC, of Hibbing and Virginia, is now owned by Minnetonka-based Accra.

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DULUTH — St. Louis County behavioral health services provider Eustice Conseling LLC has been acquired by home care services nonprofit Accra, the company announced in a news release Tuesday afternoon.

Eustice Counseling, which has offices in Virginia and Hibbing, provides office-based and in-home behavioral health services, mental health counseling and adult rehabilitative mental health services. Former owner Gary Eustice and his staff of therapists will join Minnetonka-based Accra with the acquisition.

Eustice Counseling will continue to operate under its same name in St. Louis County and will serve its existing clients. Accra said in the release the acquisition will help the company expand its mental health services in the county. Jim Warner, Accra’s mental health/adult rehabilitative mental health services treatment director will oversee Accra’s expanded mental health team, including Eustice Counseling.

“In a very rural area like the Iron Range, there is a significant need for someone to be providing these services in the local communities and meeting people where they are at,” Eustice said. “There are not many in-home therapy providers — agencies or even individuals — in northern Minnesota. With the demand for behavioral health services here and Accra’s dedication to individualized home care, this partnership felt like a natural fit to better serve the communities in St. Louis County.”

The nonprofit Accra operates in all Minnesota counties, including Northland cities Duluth, Virginia and Grand Rapids.


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This story was updated at 5:40 p.m. March 10 to correct Jim Warner's name. It was originally published at 11:13 a.m. March 9. The News Tribune regrets the error.

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