Essentia's Vision Northland project reaches halfway point of construction

After more than 1 million hours of construction work completed, the replacement hospital structure for Vision Northland is halfway done.

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Essentia Health's Vision Northland project in Duluth has reached the halfway point of construction after more than 1 million work hours have been completed, Essentia announced Tuesday.

Essentia reported there has been only one injury to date recorded that resulted in lost time. McGough Construction Safety Manager Kale Fischer credits the notably low number of injuries to preparation and safety inspections.

The $900 million expansion broke ground Sept. 11, 2019, and is anticipated to be enclosed in 2022, with construction set to conclude in the first quarter of 2023 and patient care commencing in the third quarter of 2023. When completed, it will be a replacement facility for Essentia Health-St. Mary's Medical Center.

Another estimated 1 million work hours are anticipated to be needed to complete construction of Vision Northland.

READ MORE: Vision Northland construction nears halfway point Construction on the $900 million medical center has been underway for two years. It is on track to be completed in early 2023 and open to patients that fall.


Construction site Essentia Vision Northland.jpg
Essentia Health's Vision Northland construction site in April 2021. Contributed / Essentia Health

File 090121.n.dnt.VisionNorthland6.jpg
Project Manager Phil Johnson talks about single inpatient rooms on the ninth floor during a tour of the Vision Northland project in Duluth on Friday, Aug. 27, 2021. Jed Carlson / File / Superior Telegram

Essentia Vision Northland.jpg
Essentia Health's Vision Northland construction site in April 2021. Contributed / Essentia Health
Contributed / Essentia Health

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