The Northland recorded 34 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, with 22 in Northeastern Minnesota.

The most were in St. Louis County, which recorded 14 new cases. St. Louis County is reporting an increase in 13 new cases in Duluth and one more case in Hermantown.

The number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in the county has increased by one in the last day to seven. The number of those in an intensive care unit remains the same at three patients.

On Friday, the county reported a total of 134 known and active cases in St. Louis County. In the last two weeks, the state has reported 190 new cases in the county. So far this week, the number is 90.

Four new cases were recorded in Aitkin County, where there has been nine new cases in the last two weeks. Six of those were recorded this week.

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Carlton, Cook, Lake and Itasca counties are each recording one new case. Cook County has recorded a total of three cases. The state last reported one on July 21.

Statewide, the health department reported 556 new cases and the completion of 15,924 more diagnostic tests. Four more Minnesotans have died. None of them were Northland residents.

The number of patients in the state hospitalized in an intensive care unit has ranged between 149-159 in the last week. The number has slowly increased after remaining in the low 100s during July.

The number of patients hospitalized outside an ICU setting has ranged between 145-169 in the last week. In July, the daily average of patients hospitalized outside ICU was 144.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services recorded 10 new cases in Douglas County. In the last two weeks, the state of Wisconsin has reported 77 new cases in Douglas County, nearly half of the county's total since March. Forty-nine of those cases were recorded in the last week.

Two more cases were recorded in Ashland County, where on Thursday, county public health officials shared a news release warning of community transmission.