One new COVID-19-related death has been reported in St. Louis County, bringing the total to 11, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

The last death was reported April 20. The age range for people who have died of COVID-19 in St. Louis County has been between 62 and 92 years old with a median age of 81, according to the county.

Two more people have tested positive for COVID-19 in St. Louis County, bringing the total number of cases confirmed through lab-based testing to 69 on Tuesday. Thirty-one of those people no longer need to be isolated.

As of Tuesday, seven people in St. Louis County were hospitalized for COVID-19 and one person was in an intensive care unit.

One more person has tested positive in Carlton County, bringing the total to 53. Thirty-three of those cases have been incarcerated people at the Moose Lake prison, according to the Minnesota Department of Corrections' Tuesday update. Another 31 people within the prison have been presumed positive as of Monday. Of those 64 people, 33 of them no longer require isolation.

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Four more cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Itasca County since the weekend, bringing the total to six, according to Itasca County. The four new cases are not yet reflected on the Health Department's website.

An employee with Orion Corporation of Minnesota, a group home with locations in Itasca County, has tested positive, said president of the corporation, Michael Sarafolean, in an Itasca County news conference Tuesday.

"We were able to secure quick testing of the folks who lived in the setting as well as other employees who may have had contact with the employee," Sarafolean said. "As of this morning, eight of the nine tests that we were able to have completed have resulted with negative results, we're awaiting the last report."

Two of the four new cases are linked to The Emeralds at Grand Rapids, a nursing home and assisted living facility that's part of Monarch Healthcare Management. After an employee tested positive, 19 other employees and residents who had been in contact with that employee were tested, said Marc Halpert, chief operating officer for Monarch Healthcare Management. All but one of them had negative results, meaning one resident has also tested positive.

Cook and Lake counties have no confirmed cases.

Pine County has seen 56 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The Minnesota Department of Corrections reported that as of Monday, 45 of those cases have been incarcerated people in the Willow River correctional facility.

Statewide, 4,181 people have tested positive and 1,912 of them no longer need to be isolated. On Tuesday, 314 people were hospitalized and 120 of them were in an intensive care unit.

The Health Department reported 15 more deaths in Minnesota, bringing the total to 301.