You've probably seen this photo a thousand times. It's been printed time and again in the newspaper, shared on countless social media pages and it's the top result on a Google Images search for "Halloween blizzard."

Yes, we in the Northland can't get enough of that famous 1991 storm that dropped more than 3 feet of snow on Duluth and smashed records across the Midwest.

We talk about it every fall as the first hint of winter sets in. We judge every "big" snowstorm against it. We tell our children and grandchildren all about how we survived the granddaddy of all storms. Heck, we'll even talk about it on the hottest of July days.

So, what's your story?

For the upcoming 30th anniversary, the News Tribune would like to share your experience. Fill out the Google form online, leave a voicemail for us at 218-409-6355 or contact reporter Tom Olsen at or 218-723-5333.

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Please keep your stories short — 250 words is more than enough — and include any photos or videos that you took. Send them in by Tuesday, Oct. 26, and we'll feature some on and in the print edition Oct. 30.