One of the biggest dangers of a thunderstorm is lightning, yet most of us probably do not carry as much respect for lightning’s danger as we do for high winds, tornadoes and other thunderstorm elements. For one thing, National Weather Service thunderstorm warnings are issued for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes, but not for lightning. To do so would be ludicrous because this would create too many storm warnings and people would not take them seriously. Also, most deaths and injuries from lightning are not in the most intense lightning storms. People are usually inside during these.

Actually, most lightning casualties happen when lightning is just beginning or just about to end. To stay safe from lightning, go inside when you hear thunder. If you cannot get to shelter, stay away from tall trees, poles, towers, and large machinery. The most common scenarios for lightning striking people is around farm and construction machinery, on golf courses and on open boats.

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