Weather Forecast


Rain totals through Thursday morning

A vehicle navigates deep water at the intersection of Woodland Avenue and St. Marie Street in Duluth Wednesday afternoon. Clint Austin /

Below are rain totals as of about 7 a.m. today from the National Weather Service.

Virtually all of the Northland remains under a flood watch through this evening. Flooding still is a concern across the region because the ground is frozen and water has nowhere to go, leading to possible street and basement flooding.

Beaver Bay, 1.24 inches

Taconite, 1.18 inches

Grand Rapids, 1.15 inches

Grand Marais 1.14 inches

Brainerd, 1.10 inches

Hovland, 1.09 inches

Sucker River, 1.01 inches

Ball Club, 1.00 inches

La Prairie, 0.98 inches

Little Swan, 0.98 inches

Cohasset, 0.97 inches

Hibbing, 0.95 inches

Grand Portage, 0.93 inches

Jacobson, 0.93 inches

Babbitt, 0.92 inches

Hill City, 0.92 inches

Nashwauk, 0.92 inches

Grand Portage, 0.90 inches

Aurora, 0.88 inches

Babbitt, 0.88 inches

Embarrass, 0.87 inches

Side Lake, 0.87 inches

Winton, 0.84 inches

Duluth, 0.83 inches

Cook, 0.82 inches

Ely, 0.78 inches

Willow River, 0.77 inches

Orr, 0.77 inches

Floodwood, 0.75 inches

Bigfork, 0.73 inches

Moose Lake, 0.71 inches

Cotton, 0.70 inches

Bayfield, 0.66 inches

Madeline Island, 0.66 inches

Brimson, 0.65 inches

Saginaw, 0.64 inches

Duluth NWS, 0.63 inches

Isabella, 0.63 inches

Holyoke, 0.62 inches

Maple, 0.61 inches

Moose Lake, 0.60 inches

Duluth airport, 0.55 inches

Bayfield, 0.53 inches

Esko, 0.49 inches

Superior airport, 0.44 inches