With close to 2 inches of snow accumulating by mid-afternoon in Duluth, multiple wrecks were reported. The Duluth Police Department responded to three separate wrecks on Piedmont Street while the Minnesota State Police reported an SUV struck a median barrier near Anchor Lake after losing control on an icy roadway.

“Everybody forgets how slow you have to take it,” said Steve Gohde, at the National Weather Service. “Conditions are just so treacherous and people are out of practice.”

Even with the fresh blanket of snow falling on Duluth, it wasn’t close to the heaviest predicted and reported snowfall in the Northland. Cities as far east as Ironwood, Mich. received between 2-3 inches in a couple of hours, with more than 10 inches predicted by the end of the storm. The numbers were also high for some of Minnesota’s most northern cities, like Grand Portage, which received 13.5 inches of snow by Friday afternoon.

Northern Wisconsin communities in Ashland and Bayfield are at the mercy of lake effect snow, which is why they’re expected to receive more snow than Minnesota. With winds reaching 51 mph over Lake Superior, the storm can pick up a lot of moisture, which gets dumped on the south shore in Wisconsin.

It’s not just a first heavy snowfall communities can expect either. Areas north of Brainerd could see their first sub-zero temperatures this weekend. Clear skies will open up causing those temperatures to drop. Then comes more expected snowfall into Sunday morning.