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Update: Dam apparently breached in southern Douglas County

Local law enforcement officials have reported that the dam holding back the Radigan Flowage in southern Douglas County has now been broken sending a torrent of water downstream.

The National Weather Service reports that the dam let loose the rain-swollen flowage is flooding donwstream along the Tamarack River, which flows south into the St. Croix River in Pine County, Minn.

Town Road T and the Markville Road west of Dairyland may already be flooded. The extra water will also increase the St. Croix River which is already swollen due to heavy rain Saturday and Sunday in Carlton and Douglas counties to the north.

More than 15 inches of rain fell in some areas over a 72-hour period, causing historically high stream flows in the region. The Nemadji River, which overflowed its banks, caused washouts and closed U.S. Highway 2 for a time in Superior, set its all-time flow record.