University of Minnesota Duluth renames College of Liberal Arts

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science will officially become the name of two merged UMD colleges July 1.

File: University of Minnesota Duluth
An aerial view of the University of Minnesota Duluth campus. (Photo courtesy of UMD)

The University of Minnesota Board of Regents approved the renaming of a University of Minnesota Duluth college Thursday.

UMD's School of Fine Arts and College of Liberal Arts merged to become one college in July. Since then, the merged college has been named the College of Liberal Arts until stakeholders agreed on a new name: College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

The name-deciding process involved input from the 10 department heads in the college, meetings within the college and a poll in which people could vote on one of the final options, said the college's dean, Jeremy Youde.

Jeremy Youde


"We wanted something to help us identify our new identity, bringing these different departments and programs together," Youde said. "We want something that is going to be understandable to people coming from outside UMD."

Youde said the new name reflects all 10 departments and 40 majors in the college.

"We wanted something that was all-encompassing and holistic," he said.

The name change will become official July 1.

The college merger was part of UMD's plan, announced in December 2019, to cut its operations and management budget by $5.2 million to erase its recurring deficit. UMD administration said the merger was expected to save the university $400,000.

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