The city of Duluth urges pedestrians and motorists to be cautious of falling ice when crossing the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Due to warmer temperatures and sunlight, large amounts of ice have fallen of the bridge, according to a news release from the city.

"If residents can avoid crossing or being near the Lift Bridge, staff is requesting that residents wait until later today to do that," the news release stated.

The east side of the sidewalk is closed.

The bridge has been closed to ship travel since Monday due to weight from ice. Crews started deicing the bridge Tuesday morning and started up again Wednesday morning.

They have since been called of the bridge due to the falling ice, public information officer Kate Van Daele said in an email to the News Tribune, meaning the bridge is not currently closing to foot and vehicle traffic during 15-minute intervals.

Deicing is not yet complete, Van Daele said; it's now happening naturally.