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Stoplights could be coming to Jean Duluth-Glenwood intersection in Duluth

St. Louis County commissioners on Tuesday approved an agreement with the city of Duluth to study the installation of stoplights at the often busy intersection where Snively Road/Jean Duluth Road crosses Glenwood Street.

City traffic engineers conducted a study and determined traffic flow at the intersection, which now has four-way stop signs and which can see backups during busy periods that stretch for blocks, meets the minimum required for stop lights as prescribed by state traffic codes.

The county will cover half of the $48,000 cost with the city paying the other half. Jean Duluth/Snively Road is also County Road 37.

Construction coming to upper Woodland Avenue

St. Louis County will move to acquire a little extra land along Woodland Avenue in Duluth, also known as County Road 9.

The county in 2019 will reconstruct a little more than a half mile of Woodland from Anoka Street to 200 feet west of Austin Street.