Speed limits on certain stretches of Northeastern Minnesota highways will increase from 55 to 60 mph next week, the Minnesota Department of Transportation said Tuesday.

U.S. Highway 169: The segment between Hill City and LaPlant Road south of Grand Rapids will be raised; as will the two-lane segment of the Cross Range Expressway between Taconite and Pengilly. The 55 mph speed limit between LaPlant Road and Grand Rapids will remain the same.

Minnesota Highway 37: All segments between Hibbing and Highway 53 and Highway 53 and Gilbert will rise to 60 mph.

Minnesota Highway 38: The 55 mph stretches between Grand Rapids and County Road 19 will rise to 60 mph; the current speed limit north of County Road 19 will remain the same; a 45 mph speed limit will replace a 30 mph limit north of Big Fork to County Road 14.

The change follows a Minnesota Legislature directive and traffic studies to examine which two-lane, two-way highways could have their speeds "reasonably and safely increased," MnDOT said.