A high-pressure system will try to bring us a little sun today, but it won't be here very long. It will come in, try to clear things up, depart rapidly and allow a new low pressure system to bring back rain by Monday.

Today, look for the sky to be partly sunny for the most part. I say this because the day may start partly cloudy but finish mostly cloudy. Splitting the difference gives us "partly sunny." The highs will run from 45-50. The normal is 43. The wind will be southeast at 10-20 mph.

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The next low for Monday will deliver a 60 percent chance for rain that will last into Tuesday. The colder backside of the low may kick out some flurries on Wednesday. After that, another high will come around that may deliver a partly cloudy sky for the Minnesota deer opener next weekend.

Five-day forecast

Sunday: Partly sunny. High: 47. Low: 35.

Monday: Mostly cloudy, 60 percent chance of rain. High: 44. Low: 29.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, 40 percent chance of rain. High: 41. Low: 28.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, 30 percent chance of snow. High: 38. Low: 26.

Thursday: Mostly cloudy. High: 39. Low: 26.