Slim in the summer

For Robin McKay, this summer is a time of anticipation and excitement instead of dread. Before the 43-year-old South Range native lost an astonishing 80 pounds, she didn't like pulling out the summer...

For Robin McKay, this summer is a time of anticipation and excitement instead of dread. Before the 43-year-old South Range native lost an astonishing 80 pounds, she didn't like pulling out the summer

clothes needed to keep her cool.

But with the confidence she's gained by shedding the weight, McKay now

looks forward to trying on beach clothes. "Just, you know, being comfortable in shorts is a huge thing for me," says McKay. "I'm getting ready for my sister's 4th of July party... and this year I can't wait to get in that pool. It probably sounds like a little thing, but for me it's huge."

McKay, who lost the weight with the assistance of the Jenny Craig program,


has accomplished her weight loss goal and is now focusing on maintaining her healthy eating habits and ramping up her exercise routines. "I do cardio six times a week. I try to run at least three times a week," says McKay, who plans on running her first 5k this summer. In addition to her cardio, McKay also adds in resistance training three days a week.

Summertime means more than just wearing shorts for McKay, she also looks

forward to the fresh food the season provides. "It's definitely easier during the summer," remarks McKay, who loves eating fresh fruit. She is also looking forward to the bounty her garden will provide this fall.

According to licensed dietician, Tammy Fadum-Saksa, eating fresh foods

instead of highly-processed foods found in the grocery store is a very healthy idea. "Try to eat whole, plant based foods in their unprocessed form most often," advises Fadum-Saksa. "For example, an apple or an orange will give you more fiber and nutrients for the least amount of calories as compared to apple juice, apple pie or orange juice."

Healthy eating habits learned from her program have stayed with McKay. She follows the rule of breaking her plate up by food group. "I fill half my plate with vegetables, a quarter with protein and the other quarter with starch," intones McKay. "I don't necessarily count calories, I just know what my portions are supposed to look like and I stay within that."

And the exuberance exuded from the petite hairstylist has bubbled over into people around her - even some of her clients. "I've had three or four actually sign up for Jenny Craig and they're doing really well; and I have others who are doing other things or trying other programs and it's been really cool to see," remarks McKay. She also says her family members

have all gotten into the healthy eating mode.


For now, McKay is simply focusing on maintaining her healthy weight and she's happy with what she's achieved thus far. "My body is not perfect by any means," says McKay, "but I'm comfortable in it now because I know I've done what I need to do to be the best me."

Stay tuned for more on Robin McKay's weight loss story

in the September-October issue.

This breakfast contains 270 calories.

Information courtesy of The Volumetrics Cookbook for Jenny Craig.

Jennifer's Fruit-Smothered Whole-Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes

1¼ C whole-wheat flour


1½ C low-fat buttermilk

1 beaten egg

1 Tbsp sugar

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp baking soda

¼ tsp salt

½ C raspberry sauce

2 C mixed fresh blueberries,


raspberries and blackberries

In a mixing bowl, combine first seven ingredients. Stir gently until all ingredients mixed. The batter should be slightly lumpy. Pour ¼ cup of batter onto greased, heated skillet. When fully cooked, pour 2 Tbsp

raspberry sauce over two pancakes. Top with ½ cup mixed berries.

Raspberry Sauce

1½ C unsweetened frozen

raspberries, thawed

2 Tbsp sugar

½ tsp orange liqueur or 1 Tbsp orange juice


Puree the raspberries, sugar and liqueur in a food processor or blender.

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