Sibley Clubs and Activities for Freshmen

Many new Sibley students will be surprised to find that Sibley's after school activities extend far beyond sports practices, drama and music. Many of Sibley's activities focus on speaking, creativity, leadership, and many other valuable skills. T...

Many new Sibley students will be surprised to find that Sibley's after school activities extend far beyond sports practices, drama and music. Many of Sibley's activities focus on speaking, creativity, leadership, and many other valuable skills. There are clubs for those who are passionate about art, academics, and volunteer work. For those, especially freshmen, interested in becoming involved, here is a list of some of Sibley's activities with descriptions.


BPA stands for Business Professionals of America. They meet every Friday morning in the Business Lab through April. At the meetings they find learn about competitions, and then practice to compete. There are 70 different events and competitions. Most people participate in different events. Some events are: extemporaneous speaking, global marketing, financial analysis and management, job interview, digital media production, and spreadsheet management. Their regional competition is in March, and their state competition is in April. Last year Nationals was in Florida! If you are interested in joining BPA, talk to Mr. Guinn.

Book Club

Book Club meets on Wednesdays before school at 8 in Ms. Temple or Mr. McCormick's room. They discuss books of all genres. Sometimes they read books that have been turned into movies, and then have a movie night! New members are always welcome! If you want more information, talk to Ms. Temple or Mr. McCormick.



Debate meets two times a week in the World Language pod. During normal practices, they discuss different issues and have practice debates. During Captain's Practices, they do research about the issues. Debate tournaments are held on most Saturdays during October and November, and it's not too late to join. Debate helps you gain skills such as ability to research, argue, and think spontaneously. Jeff Walls is the coach. You can come by A121 for more information.

Key Club

Key Club is a student-led volunteer organization that meets every Friday before school at 7:45 in room A227. The club discusses upcoming projects and volunteer opportunities for the community. Events include the March of Dimes, Second Harvest, Trick or Treat for UNICEF, Walk to End Hunger, and the Polar Plunge. If you're really passionate about a certain project, you can even help organize the event by becoming a chair for the project's committee! Key Club is a great way to make new friends and build leadership skills. It looks great on college applications too! New members are always welcome. If you would like to pick up forms, go to Ms. Townsend's room, A227.

Knitting Club

Knitting Club meets every Wednesday after school in A227. The meetings are a time to socialize with others while working on individual projects. All skill levels are welcome! Even those who don't know how to knit or crochet will be able to learn from their peers during the meetings. If you have any questions about knitting club, talk to Ms. Townsend.

Live Green

Live Green meets every Thursday before school. Some past events they had were the Recycle Bowl and a compost sale. Then every year towards the end of January, there is an event throughout the district where they do different projects. If you are a part of the Live Green Team, you will learn how to work as a group, and help motivate your school about important environmental issues. If you are interested in joining, talk to Mrs. Carter for information.


Math Team

Math Team meets on Mondays. The majority of Mondays are practices where the team does practice problems independently and in groups. On some Mondays, they attend meets where they compete against other math teams. By being a part of Math Team, you learn how to think under pressure and think abstractly. New members are always welcome to join! If you're interested, talk to Mr. Kluznik or Mr. Lufkin.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations meets once a week, starting in March, but starting in November, they get together periodically. Much of the year is spent preparing for the Model UN conference in March. During the meetings, they research their chosen / assigned countries and topics they are given. They also work on debating, public speaking, and diplomacy. In committees, they debate the previously assigned topics from their country's point of view.

In March, they attend the annual Model UN conference where they work with students representing other countries to create a resolution. In the evening there are fun activities such as a banquet, a dance, and games. By participating in Model United Nations, you gain a broader world view, knowledge of current international and political issues from multiple perspectives, knowledge about how the United Nations works and what its role is in international issues, and practice impromptu speaking on issues and articulating opinions. You also get practice collaborating with others, and trying to reach an agreement. New members are welcome, and if you are interested in joining, you can contact Rhonda Fox at for more information.

Mural Club

Mural Club meets once a week after school in the art room. Their goal this year is to finish a mural out of clay. The mural is composed of many small clay tiles, some still waiting to be made. Then they will focus on painting the tiles. This activity helps build skills in painting, working with clay, making friends and working in a group. New members are always welcome. If you have any questions, contact Ms. Patt.

Page Warriors


Page Warriors is a new club that meets Thursdays after school. During their meetings the Page Warriors discuss new books, books they love, hate, or would like to see in the library. They are currently fundraising to get an author to come to a meeting to discuss the author's books! New members are always welcome! If you have any questions, talk to the school librarian, Ms. Winters.

Pinterest Club

Pinterest Club meets the first Friday of every month. During their meetings, they usually make food and snacks using recipes that they find on Pinterest. Some of their favorites from last year were apple pie bites, oreo cheesecakes, holiday cookies, and homemade basil tomato pizza. If they aren't cooking, they like doing group activities and crafts. Pinterest Club is a great way to express your talents, and learn from others how to do things that you would like to learn more about. It is also really easy to meet new people because every activity is a group activity. New members are always welcome to join. If you are interested, you can talk to Breanna Vick, who created Pinterest Club last year. You can also talk to Mrs. Zurn, who is the club's supervisor.

Robotics Team

Robotics Team meets three times a week in room E116. During meetings they discuss and construct robots. They compete against other schools in a competition once a year. Why join Robotics Team? A Robotics member says he joined because of "the fantastic atmosphere, the wonderful characters, and the opportunity of mental and social betterment."


Students Against Destructive Decisions is a group that helps empower students to make positive decisions and be involved in their school and community. They meet each week and discuss ways to inform teenagers about destructive decisions, such as the use of drugs and alcohol, and they hold various events throughout the school year to raise awareness of these issues. Ms. Lindberg is the sponsor.

Sibley Scribe


The Sibley Scribe is the school's newspaper that focuses on activities that are unique to Sibley and aren't reported anywhere else. It also gives a voice to Sibley students about current events, topics and personal interests. There are five issues a year, and they meet in A121 on various Tuesdays. Come to one of the meetings, stop by A121 or talk to Mr. Laux for more information.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee tryouts start in the spring. They have practice three times a week, and have games once a week. It is a great way to be active, learn problem solving, and improve teamwork. It is also a fun way to meet new people! Anyone is welcome to join. If you are interested, you can talk to the Captains Sophia Warwick and Josh Roston, or contact Mrs. Hagen.

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