An unusually dry May across the Northland left Lake Superior with a stable water level during a month it rises 4 inches on average.

The International Lake Superior Board of Control reported the latest water levels Thursday, noting Lake Superior is now just 3.9 inches above the 102-year average for June 1. The big lake is now 6 inches below the June 1 level from 2020.

Lake Superior usually rises from April to September and then drops through the winter months. The big lake has been slowly moving away from near-record high water levels for about the last year, which is good news for shoreline property owners who have seen severe erosion and flooding under high water conditions, especially during storms.

Meanwhile lakes Michigan and Huron also remained stable in May, a month they on average rise 3.2 inches. The lakes now sit 16.1 inches above average but 19.7 inches below the record high June 1 level set in 2020.

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